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Are you getting the best value from all your current Social Media efforts? Or do you need to step back and evaluate your strategy?


You can sometimes feel the pressure to be active on every Social media platform these days, but that approach isn’t always the best use of your time and resources. 

I’ll listen to your ideas about what you want to achieve with your Social Media efforts. Together we can then devise a strategy that will help you to achieve your goals, with suggestions of the right platforms that will work best for you and your business. 

I offer training on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. I tailor your training to your level of knowledge, and your learning style. It’s really important to me that you get the best value out of your investment, so I deliver your training in various ways. 

One Off Training ( 1 platform – 3 hours)

Our session will start with the basics of the Social Media platform you want to learn, and move on to the intermediate/advanced level. We’ll cover the platform’s etiquette and best practices, so that you start off on the right foot from the beginning, and end our session feeling confident and rearing to go! I’ll also share lots of tips and tricks with you too, such as how to interact with people and increase brand awareness.


It can often be difficult  to find the time to put into practice any new training we receive, especially when we get back to the day-to-day stuff and that takes over! So I deliver my training over two sessions, which can be any length you require. A typical first session would cover the basics of the Social Media platform you want to learn, followed by an intermediate/advanced session in session two. We can also go over any issues you might be having with what we covered in session one, or any new questions and help you might need.

We can devote all our time to up to two platforms, and deliver them over the two sessions, or cover one platform in the first session and a different one in the second.

Clients have fed back to me that they find this approach really useful, because they feel it encourages them to DO the training we’ve covered and not just learn it.


Split Training (1 x 3 hour training session + 1 follow-up phone call)

This plan is ideal for you if you would struggle to schedule a second session, but are likely to need further training. It includes a follow-up phone call (of up to 1 hour) where we go over how you’re getting on and help you with any issues you might be having. I also offer advice and tips to really make sure you get the best out of what you’ve learnt.


Both plans include a branded training manual that you can keep for you to refer to any time.

*The above prices do not include the setting up of your social media platform.  Please contact me for a price to set up and optimise each platform. If you have already set up your social media platform, I can also audit it and suggest any necessary improvements.

If it’s time you started reaping the benefits that Social Media can bring to your business, please do call me on 07954 475827. Or fill out my contact me form; I will happily be At Your Service!

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