This is tip two in my series of great ways that you can integrate Twitter into your Social Media Marketing strategy.

If you look at most Twitter users’ Favourites, this feature is often completely empty or seldom used. Many people simply don’t know the power of this tiny tool!

Yet, by capturing tweets to favourite (others’ and your own), you can really build up an archive of content.

In the next Twitter tip in my series, I’m going to show you how you can use the content from Twitter favourites to improve your results in your Social Media Marketing.

Has this ever happened to you? You see a great tweet, with a link to some great content, or a video. You click the link, and really enjoy what you’ve seen. A day or so later you don’t realise that you’ve been so active on Twitter and now can’t find the tweet, so that you can revisit the link or retweet the post! Doesn’t that really bug you!

Well that’s where Twitter favourites come to your rescue! An often underrated feature, favourites allow you to add those interesting tweets to your profile, so that you can retrieve them whenever you’d like. Follow my steps to add tweets to your Favourites list, and to view other users favourite tweets on Twitter.

Add a tweet to your favourites list

Use favourites in your Marketing Strategy

Use favourites in your Marketing Strategy

To add a tweet to your Twitter Favourites list, hover over any tweet you’d like to save, and click on the star icon. You can tell that the tweet was added to your Favourites list because the star will appear will turn orange, and the count of how many users have favourited it will increase.

To unfavourite a tweet, again hover over the star icon and the option to ‘Undo favourite’ will appear. Click it, and the tweet will be removed from your list.

Viewing other people’s favourites

Viewing other people’s favourite tweets can give you a surprising amount of useful information, interesting links, or even competitive intelligence. To view someone else’s Favourites, search for their Twitter account in the Twitter search field. Once you’ve found the account, go to their profile, and click on the link titled “Favourites.” You can also view your own archive of favourites at the top of your profile page.

How to find other users favourite tweets.

So how are some users using Twitter favourites, and how can you use them to ramp up your Twitter activity?


In the example I gave earlier, you can see how favourites allow you to save great content and retrieve it at a later date. You could call this the Social Media version of bookmarking. Here are some great ways to put these “bookmarks” to use:

  • If you didn’t have time to read the tweet at the time, retrieve it from your favourites and read it later. If it also then turns out to be great content that your followers will love, you can go back into Twitter and retweet it too.
  • We all have one of those days when we simply can’t generate any content ideas. So why not run through your list of favourites and retweet any content that you think your followers will find interesting. If you do this particularly for the niche you’re in, your followers will start to see you as a great source of valuable information. Also, the creator of the content will also appreciate your generosity.
  • Other users favourites can be a great source of inspiration for your content marketing or blog ideas.
  • To act as a reminder to do something or to reply later when you have all the information you need to respond properly. Something like a to do list.

2. Attract new followers

Some Twitter users favourite posts of people whose attention they’re interested to capture.

You can get yourself noticed by influencers of your industry by favouriting their tweets. When you favourite a users tweet the user is notified. Once the user has been notified they will see who has favourited their tweet. It gets you on their radar, and you never know they might then interact with you, look at your profile and decide to follow you – what an endorsement!

When it comes to influence, the Social Media analytics site Klout counts favourited tweets as an indicator of quality and influence. So if your tweets are attracting favourites it can help to bump your score up.

3. A virtual ‘Thank You’

Favouriting a tweet can also be used as a simple thank you without the need to tweet a real thank you. Often used at the end of a conversation or twitter-chat to show appreciation for the interaction, which has now reached its natural end. Or you could use a favourite to save the conversation or chat to refer back to later.

4. A conversation starter

As I’ve shown you above, you can access other users favourites archive, and they can produce several really good opportunities.

Sifting through the list of people that have also favourited a tweet is a great way to connect with like-minded tweeters. You already have a shared interest in a subject because you’ve both favourited it, making it an easy ice-breaker. For example:

” Hi @TwitterHandle, I see you favourited the list of great Social Media influencers, do you have any other suggestions for great peeps to follow?”

Also, regularly looking at the archive of favourites of an influencer in your niche is likely to yield some very interesting content that they felt important enough to favourite.

5. Testimonials

Many big brands favourite tweets that save any kind of positive feedback or recommendations of their products or service, and as a small business owner you can also get in on the action. You can also direct others to your Twitter favourites as a page of testimonials about your product or service. This is a fantastic customer service tool!

Another great use of your favourites for customer service is to use it for service or technical issues. Did you know you could favourite your own tweets? Yes you can. You can tweet service updates, links to technical help etc. and then favourite that content. When you direct users to your Twitter favourites, they’ll see all the info they need to solve their problem, without having to search through a long list of tweets.

Check out the first tip in this series: Top Twitter Tips #1 ~ Twitter Networking Hours

These are just a few examples that show you that favouriting a tweet is now another level of interaction you can incorporate into your Social Media strategy. You may not have know about the power of this often-neglected tool, and actually learned something! I hope so, because I love sharing my knowledge with you!

So if you have learned something, or if there’s a creative way that you use Twitter favourites, I’d love to hear about it, so please add your comment below. Or you can connect with me on Twitter, or contact me for a chat about how you can make the most of the time you spend online.

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