Do you know how many of your customers keep in touch with you using their mobile devices?

I reckon that if you did some research you’d find it was a lot! It’s estimated that Facebook users are 68% mobile and with Twitter it’s 86%.

So with 86% of Twitter users accessing the platform from their mobile devices, it’s really important that you as a small business owner are able to deliver your Twitter Marketing message in a mobile way in order to meet that need.

One of the most common difficulties I hear from busy small business owners I work with, is that they feel that they don’t have the time to properly manage their Twitter Marketing. Yet, as I point out to them, Social Media management doesn’t have to only happen at a desk or a desktop, you can make it happen in the car, on the train, during a holiday – anywhere and everywhere.

In part 3 of my series on integrating Twitter into your Social Media strategy, I’m going to show you four ways that you can deliver your Twitter Marketing message on the go, that will help both you and your customers – even if you think you don’t have enough time!

Getting started

To begin with you will need to have downloaded the Twitter app for mobiles. You can download for iPhone or Android. These links will also show you how to configure your settings too.

1. Walking and talking

In my previous tip of this series Top Twitter Tips #2 ~ Twitter Favourites, I showed you a number of ways that you can use the favourites feature on Twitter to get great results from your interaction with your existing and potential customers. The mobile app also allows you to favourite content that you see in your feed. So, say for example you’re away from your desk all day, and therefore unable to create a blog post or content for your website. You can quickly run through your list of content that you’ve favourited, and retweet that to your followers.

Use the app to check your ‘notifications’ feed for any important enquiries or comments about your business. You can also easily retweet or reply to any comments, and use the direct message feature to continue a conversation privately. It’s pretty much a lot of the functionality you get with the desktop version.

One unique feature of the Twitter mobile app that is no longer available on the desktop version, is the ability to “quote” content that you’d like to retweet. Because you can add your own comments on the tweet to it before retweeting it, there’s a real opportunity to stand out here, as I’ll show you in the next point.

2. Schedule your content

As I talked about in one of my previous blog posts, 3 ways to be memorable while saving time on Twitter, the ability to schedule your tweets and other content is a godsend when you’re a busy person. Social Media management software such as Hootsuite not only allows you to schedule your content, but with it’s app you can also do this on the go. Again you will need to download the app first.

Not only can you schedule content from within the app, but using your smartphone or tablet, you can pretty much schedule any piece of content you find on the internet. So for example, you’re next appointment is running late – no problem! While you’re waiting, check your twitter feed or your ‘favourites’ archive for content your followers you love to read, and tweet it now or schedule it for later.

As with the Twitter app, Hootsuite’s app lets you edit a tweet instead of just retweeting it, a great opportunity to engage with people. To do this:

  • Click ‘retweet’ as if you’re going to do a retweet
  • In the options select “quote” or “edit” in Hootsuite
  • Edit the tweet down to fit to 140 characters and add your comments at the beginning. For example, “Great tips”, “Interesting read” or “What do you think?”

3. Using apps to make you more efficient

Have you ever found yourself waiting in the mother of all queues at the bank, or the supermarket? Does it leave you feeling frustrated thinking about all the other things you could be doing? No problem! Just whip out your phone or tablet, check your usual sources for some great content and retweet it there and then, or schedule it for later.

There’s no such thing as “dead time” when you have these apps. Instead use the time to catch up on your conversations with your followers or schedule plenty of content. You can also check through your feed and ‘favourite’ any content that catches your eye for reading or retweeting later. Your followers will start to see you as an accessible and consistent source of valuable information.

Managing your time this way definitely leaves you with one less thing to feel frustrated about, and keeps you on top of your Twitter marketing strategy. Won’t that make you feel more efficient?

4. Twitter’s Photo Collage feature

Twitter’s Photo Collage feature gives you endless options to be creative.

In one of my previous blogs, Creative ways brands are using Twitter’s photo collage feature, I showed you how using the Twitter app you can create photo collages of up to 4 photos, and tag up to ten followers in these photos right from your phone. The benefit of posting photos with the app is that none of your photos use up your 140 character limit, still leaving you plenty of space to add your text! Because this feature is only available on the mobile app, you still have a great opportunity for creativity, fun and engagement with your followers.

What all this means is that you can still run a very responsive and engaging Twitter Marketing strategy on the go. With the right tools you can use your time more efficiently, get ahead with your content you want to share, and creatively keep in touch with your followers, who also live their lives on the go.

So now you know how easy it can be to fit your Twitter marketing into your day wherever you are. Do you already manage your Twitter marketing whilst you’re out and about? What is the biggest benefit to you and your customers? I’d love to hear from you so please share your thoughts in the comments below. You can also connect with me on Twitter, or contact me for a discussion on the many more ways I can help you improve your Twitter marketing.

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